Whitelight Production


Computer & Software
Apple MacPro 2 x 2.26GHz Quad-Core
Logic Pro 9, soft synths & virtual instruments
Universal Audio UAD2 Quad
Focusrite Liquid Mix
Lexicon LXP native reverb
Spectrasonics -
  Stylus RMX/Omnisphere/Trillian
Rob Papen synths
Toontrack Superior Drummer
Motu HD192
Avalon 737SP preAmp, compressor & eq recording channel
Thermionic Culture Phoenix / TLaudio / Summit stereo valve compressors
Drawmer LX20 stereo compressor
Drawmer DS 201 dual noise gate
Yamaha compressor, limiter & graphic eq
Lexicon PCM70, Lexicon LXP 1 (x2)
Mixing Desk
Mackie 32 channel 8-bus
Neumann / Beyer / Shure / AKG / Octava
Yamaha NS10
Dynaudio BM5
Hafler TRM8
Auratone 5C super sound cubes
Tannoy Little Gold
Fender Rhodes
Korg Triton
Roland XV-88 fully weighted keyboard
Electric, acoustic and bass guitars
Roland V-drums
Premier drum kit and assorted percussion